A creative mix of luxury loose leaf teas and tea accessories.


White Teas

Bashan Silver Tip

Bashan Silver Tip (China) – From the Chongqing Province, this very rare tea is the top grade of white tea available. It has a delicate, clean taste faintly reminiscent of fresh apples, with a refreshing lingering flavor. Very low in caffeine and extremely high in antioxidants.

Ingredients: white tea.

2 oz. bag


2 oz. tin


4 oz. bag


Organic White Peony

Organic White Peony (Pai Mu Tan) (China) – Consisting of both buds and leaves that are simply air dried after picking, this subtle tea has a floral aroma and naturally sweet taste. Very low in caffeine.

Ingredients: organic white tea.

1.5 oz. bag


1.5 oz. tin


3 oz. bag


Cherry Rose White

Organic Rose White (China) – Delicate white tea from the Fujian province of China mingles with aromatic rose petals and chrysanthemum, creating a delicious, healthy brew. Very low in caffeine. High in antioxidants. 100% organic ingredients.

Ingredients: organic white tea, organic rose petals, organic chrysanthemum flowers.

1 oz. bag


1 oz. tin


2 oz. bag