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Tea Wisdom

Himalayan Tea

Nick Rose

Every corner of the world is infused with its own unique tea traditions. The area surrounding the Himalayas -- the world’s tallest mountain range -- gets very cold thanks to the altitude, so naturally, hot tea is a major part of everyone’s daily routine. In Tibet especially, butter is added to the tea to add a potent one-two punch of energy and calories that perfectly preps the drinker for a day’s work in the unforgiving climate.


You’re probably familiar with bulletproof coffee, a potent blend of coffee, coconut oil and butter, beloved by everyone from celebrities to those training for marathons. The rich beverage often serves as a meal replacement, and the binding oils help to release the caffeine slowly throughout the day, so energy is sustained and the drink doesn’t experience a crash.

Himalayan-style butter tea has the same effect and was created with the same idea in mind. Traditionally, the tea is made with yak butter, but it’s easy to replicate the drink right here at home using butter made from cow’s milk. In Tibet, the tea is made in large, heavily-concentrated batches in advance, so water and butter can be added throughout the week, but if you’re making it at home, simply steep it to your preferred level of strength, and stir in butter and salt while it’s still hot.

The area surrounding the Himalayas in rich in various types of native teas, and in addition to the black tea used in the recipe above, green tea is popular as well. Our Himalayan Spring Green Tea is bright and refreshing at any time of year, and is delicious hot or iced - no butter required.