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Luxury loose leaf teas, handcrafted tea blends and fine tea ware. ArtfulTea: where the ordinary experience of drinking tea becomes extraordinary.

Tea Wisdom

Jasmine Teas

Nick Rose


What is Jasmine Tea?

Even if you couldn’t name it, you’re probably familiar with the scent of jasmine, a floral, slightly sweet aroma that is the perfect complement to many different kinds of tea. Jasmine teas are usually scented with jasmine, rather than jasmine being added directly to them. Tea leaves become scented with the aroma and flavor of freshly picked jasmine flowers during the drying process. The most intensely aromatic jasmine flowers are plucked only at night during the month of May.

Jasmine Tea History

Jasmine tea is closely associated with the city of Fuzhou in China. Jasmine was introduced to China during the Han dynasty, and was first used to scent tea soon after. The jasmine flower is considered one of the holy flowers in Buddhism, and has religious and cultural significance throughout Asia. Jasmine tea is also closely associated with its medicinal uses, and with a meditative ritual of preparation known as the Gongfu tea ceremony.

Today, jasmine-scented teas are popular all over the world, and are beloved for their delicate floral taste and sweet finish. Jasmine is most commonly used to scent green teas, but can also be added to white or black teas.

Jasmine Green Tea

Our Jasmine Yin Cloud acquires its distinctive, delicate flavor from jasmine blossoms harvested over a short period in May. Freshly plucked flowers are placed on trays above and below the drying green tea leaves. As the tea leaves dry in proximity to the jasmine, they absorb the sweet scent of the flowers. The trays of jasmine flowers are replaced with trays of freshly picked blossoms several times during the entire process of making this tea. Jasmine Yin Cloud achieves a perfect balance between being intoxicatingly aromatic and sweetly flavorful, and is delicious both hot and iced!

Jasmine White Tea

Our Jasmine Silver Needle is an exceptional white tea produced from the finest downy tips of the tea plant. Organic Bai Hao Silver Needle tea leaves are scented with fresh jasmine blossoms to create a well-balanced tea with the tantalizing floral taste of jasmine. This superb quality tea offers one of the most sublime tea-drinking experiences available!

Jasmine Black Tea

While white and green teas are scented with jasmine more often than black teas, a hint of jasmine can add a subtle smoothness to a flavored black tea. Our Vanilla Velvet black tea is flavored with vanilla, jasmine, sunflower petals, and calendula for a rich, dessert-like tea with a touch of sweetness and floral notes. Vanilla Velvet is especially tasty with a splash of milk in it, and is a rich, warming tea with a moderate amount of caffeine.

Jasmine Health Benefits

Tea scented with jasmine has a variety of health benefits. Like all types of tea made from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant, jasmine-scented teas are rich in antioxidants, and help to promote cellular health within the body by reducing free radicals. Jasmine has been shown to have a variety of benefits, including boosting energy, reducing stress, and promoting heart health. Jasmine tea may also help to soothe the body and reduce aches and pains, and can be a beneficial addition to a healthy lifestyle.

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