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Luxury loose leaf teas, handcrafted tea blends and fine tea ware. ArtfulTea: where the ordinary experience of drinking tea becomes extraordinary.

Tea Wisdom

Loose Leaf Tea vs. Teabags

Margaret Wack

Many people are first introduced to tea drinking via teabags. They’re quick, they’re easy, and you can find them in the grocery store! While teabags can be a great way to learn more about tea as a beginner, loose leaf tea is almost always superior in taste.

Leaf Size and Quality

Teabags are usually made from tea “dust,” small particles of low-quality tea that are inexpensive and easily available. In contrast, loose leaf tea is made from whole leaves of tea, which are of a much better quality and brew up a cup with a much more nuanced flavor.

At ArtfulTea, our loose leaf teas and ingredients are all carefully sourced, resulting in premium teas that don’t sacrifice on flavor, while still being affordable enough for everyday enjoyment.

Room to Brew

Most teabags are packed tight, allowing little room for the tea to expand and release its flavor as it steeps. Loose leaf teas, when properly prepared, have plenty of room to expand and result in a lovely, flavorful cup. Because they’re made of higher quality tea leaves, loose leaf teas typically take a bit longer to brew, but it’s a pleasure to watch the leaves slowly unfurl!

Vast Variety

There are certainly many different varieties of teabags out there, but the options are endless when it comes to loose leaf tea. At Artful Tea, we carry almost a hundred different varieties of tea, and are continually expanding in order to carry even more. While it can be hard to find certain kinds of tea in teabags, ArtfulTea carries the full range of teas, from popular breakfast teas like Irish and English Breakfast, to lesser-known teas like Purple and Pu-erh.


Loose Leaf Tea for Beginners

Interested in trying loose leaf tea but not sure where to start? ArtfulTea offers a variety of sampler packs for those curious about trying loose tea for the first time, or simply experimenting with different flavors. While these teas come carefully prepackaged in handmade teabags, they contain only the highest quality loose leaf tea, making them a great way to transition from store-bought bags. We offer samples in packs of six and packs of twenty.

Interested in making homemade teabags yourself? We also sell tea filters that can be used with any variety of loose leaf tea - simply spoon the tea into the bag, then follow our tea preparation instructions for a delicious cup of tea. Want to dive right in to the world of loose leaf tea? We also offer both six month and twelve month customized tea subscription boxes!

Whether you’re new to the tea world in general or are a longtime tea drinker, loose leaf teas can be a great way to further develop your love of tea and explore all that teas have to offer. At ArtfulTea, we are proud to sell only the highest quality loose leaf tea!

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