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Tea Wisdom

Butterfly Pea Flower Herbal Tea

Margaret Wack

Butterfly Pea Flower (leaf).jpg

What is Butterfly Pea Flower?

Sometimes called blue tea, butterfly pea flower tea is made from the leaves and flower petals of the clitoria ternatea plant. Butterfly pea flower is commonly grown in Southeast Asia, and brews up a brilliant blue color when prepared as a tea. It has a floral, mildly sweet flavor, somewhat similar to that of chamomile. A fan favorite due to its intense blue color, it also has a variety of health benefits, and can be added to other drinks and even cocktails for a boost of bright blue color!

History of Butterfly Pea Flower

Butterfly pea flower has been used in Southeast Asia for hundreds of years as both a tea and a dye. The flower has a rich history of use in ayurvedic medicine, and is also used in cooking to color and flavor a variety of foods. In countries like Thailand and Vietnam, butterfly pea flower is often prepared with sugar and lime juice, the addition of which turns the tea a bright purple color. This concoction is referred to as nam dok anchan in Thailand, and can be served hot or cold. Other ingredients such as ginger, mint, and cinnamon are sometimes added for a touch of added flavor.

Butterfly Pea Flower Health Benefits

Butterfly pea flower has been used as a part of ayurvedic medicine in Southeast Asia for centuries. The flower of the clitoria ternatea plant is packed with antioxidants and other beneficial properties. It is thought to improve the hair and skin, ward off cancer, soothe inflammation, and even bring down fevers. Like other purple and blue foods, butterfly pea flower is rich in anthocyanins.

Butterfly pea flower also has some beneficial mental effects, helping to improve brain function, soothe anxiety, and even reduce depression. While research concerning butterfly pea flower is still ongoing, it has been shown to contain a wealth of beneficial properties, and is a healthy addition to a balanced diet.

Our Butterfly Pea Flower

Our Butterfly Pea Flower herbal tea comes from Thailand. Made from the whole flowers of the clitoria ternatea plant, it brews up a beautiful cobalt blue color. Perfect for entertaining guests with, butterfly pea flower is an experiment in a cup! Simple add lemon or lime juice to produce a striking purple color. Butterfly pea flower has also become popular as an addition to cocktails, and can be brewed up alongside other herbal ingredients to impart a bright blue color and mellow taste. If you’re in the mood for something new, our butterfly pea flower might be just the thing!

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