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Tea Wisdom

Chun Mee Green Tea

Nick Rose

A cup of chun mee green tea in a floral saucer next to loose chun mee green tea leaves

What is Chun Mee?

Chun Mee is a light, mild Chinese green tea with a characteristic buttery, plum-like flavor. It has a slightly astringent taste and a clean finish. Like all green teas, Chun Mee is made from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant, and is pan-fired soon after harvesting in order to halt oxidation and preserve its bright green color. In Chinese, Chun Mee means "precious eyebrow," poetically referring to the distinctive long, curved leaves of this delicate tea.

Chun Mee is a popular tea among green tea lovers and newcomers alike, with a mellow flavor and small amount of caffeine. In general, Chinese green teas are lighter than their Japanese counterparts, which are known for their rich, grassy flavor. Our organic Chun Mee brews up into a pale yellow liquor, and has a subtly sweet flavor, with a fuller body than white teas but lighter body than most other green teas. If you’re interested in exploring different types of green tea, Chun Mee is a tasty and approachable tea that is sure please!

Chun Mee Health Benefits

Chun Mee has a variety of health benefits similar to those of other green teas. This tea is high in antioxidants, which help to ward off illnesses like cancer by reducing free radicals and promoting cellular health. Chun Mee also contains a compound known as l-theanine, which helps to fight symptoms and stress and anxiety and encourage calm and relaxation. Chun Mee is low in caffeine, like most other green teas, with about half the caffeine of a cup of black tea and a quarter the caffeine of a cup of coffee.

Chun Mee is also low in calories, with a pleasant taste and slight natural sweetness, making it a great alternative to other sugary, caffeinated drinks. Whether you’re drinking Chun Mee for its amazing health benefits or its unique taste, you’re sure to enjoy a hot cup of this classic Chinese green tea!

How to Prepare Chun Mee

When preparing Chun Mee tea, it’s important to use the correct amount of tea leaves and to use water heated to the right temperature, in order to avoid brewing up an unpleasantly bitter cup. We recommend using one level teaspoon of tea leaves for every twelve ounces of water (a large coffee cup is typically around twelve ounces). Heat the water until it is steaming briskly but not yet boiling, with a temperature of 175-180 degrees. Pour the water over the tea leaves, allowing them to become completely saturated and submerged. Steep the tea for one to two minutes before removing the leaves. For best results, do not oversteep! As with many teas, Chun Mee can be infused multiple times. Each infusion offers a subtly different flavors, highlighting different aspects of this delicious tea.

For green tea lovers and those wanting to try green tea, Chun Mee is the lightest green we carry at ArtfulTea. If you’re interested in trying a classic Chinese green tea, brew up a cup and enjoy!

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